Have you ever tried to load csv data in Teradata tables? I mean: for huge files with more than a million of records we surely have to go with FastLoad, MultiLoad etc. But what about if we have a file with a few number of records and we don’t want to write FastLoad routines? Surely we’ve got the option of Teradata SQLAssistant import feature, but – as many of those who went this road will confirm – that’s not what we’d call a fast way!

That’s why I’ve decided to write a few lines of c sharp’s code to speed up the load of “not so big files”.

You can find the source code here and you’ll need Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition or higher to compile an executable version.

Also you can have a look at the main “.cs” file’s content just below.

  • I’m not stating that this is an alternative to Teradata fast loading tools especially for big data files.
  • In no way I mean that Teradata SQLAssistant won’t work, but just that LoadData has revealed to be a bit faster (take a look at the screenshot below for an idea: 1.224.916 records in about 6 minutes). 
  • In my experience it’s worth using LoadData for files with 1 million record max.
  • We’re talking of an alpha – tough fully functioning – release. There are a lot of tests the code should go under and suggestions, bug reports and enhancements are welcome!